The Miracle Mile



The Race

On August 7, 1954 during the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Vancouver, B.C., England’s Roger Bannister and Australian John Landy met for the first time in the one mile run at the newly constructed Empire Stadium.   Both men had broken the four minute barrier previously that year.   Bannister was the first to break the mark with a time of 3:59.4 on May 6th in Oxford, England.   Subsequently, on June 21st in Turku, Finland, John Landy became the new record holder with an official time of 3:58.

The world watched eagerly as both men approached the starting blocks.   As 35,000 enthusiastic fans looked on, no one knew what would take place on that historic day.   Promoted as “The Mile of the Century” , it would later be known as the “Miracle Mile” .

With only 90 yards to go in one of the world’s most memorable races, John Landy glanced over his left shoulder to check his opponent’s position.   At that instant Bannister streaked by him to victory in a commonwealth record time of 3:58.8.   Landy’s second place finish in 3:59.6 marked the first time the four minute mile had been broken by two men in the same race.

Such exhilarating events are common in sports but few are captured so dramatically.   A moment that took only a fraction of a second was frozen in time forever.


The Photographer – Charlie Warner

 The Shot small


Born in Vancouver on June 16, 1929 Charlie Warner became a newspaper photographer for the Vancouver Sun in 1948. On assignment during the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, he stood on the sidelines that memorable day hoping for a good angle as Bannister and Landy raced around the track. At the crucial moment when Landy looked back, Charlie snapped a photo that would win him international acclaim for “best sports action picture” of 1954. A few years later he was promoted to the post of chief colour and black and white photographer for the Vancouver Sun.

There were hoards of photographers
at the finish line hoping to get “the shot.”
I was convinced that the place to be
was on the final turn

” Charlie Warner


The Artist – Frank Crymble


Born in Edmonton on September 26, 1959, Frank Crymble comes from a family with prominent artistic qualifications.   Specializing in anatomy, Frank holds a degree in medical illustration from the University of Toronto. He worked as a full time medical illustrator for 5 years at the University of British Columbia. Such background explains his impeccable attention to detail. Combined with his deep passion for sports, he is the artist of choice for figures in action.

There is no doubt the Bannister-Landy
image is a strong one; one that truly
depicts the tradition of true sportsmanship.
However, it also serves as a focal point for
what the Commonwealth Games (a.k.a. “the
friendly games”) are all about. Few will take
medals… all will take memories

” Frank Crymble



Photo 4

Yours truly, Photographer Charlie Warner and Artist Frank Crymble pose with John Landy and Sir Roger Bannister during the autographing of the orginal painting.

Photo 1

Sir Roger Bannister and John Landy signing 1,954 limited edition prints.


Sir Roger Bannister’s letter of  congratulations and gratitude.


Purchase Print

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Attention Collectors

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