The Waterboys – What a Concept

Posted by Tom Locke on April 2nd, 2009 filed in Business, General, Sports ... All Sorts

The Waterboys are a dynamic group of British Columbia men and women business leaders committed to building the BC Lions Football Club’s brand and relationships in the corporate community. The Waterboys are team ambassadors, sharing their business acumen and support with the club and delivering positive messages to potential corporate partners and fans.   Thanks to them, its become “cool” to be both a BC Lion and a CFL fan.

At Waterboys meetings throughout the year General Manager and Head Coach, Wally Buono, as well as other BC Lions executive, players and staff attend to discuss team developments, benchmarks, direction and achievements.


The Waterboys group has grown from four business leaders in the community to over 250 since the inception of the group in 2003. We hope to continue the growth of the Waterboys as their contributions are  integral to  the success of the BC Lions Football Club.  

I take great pride in being a Waterboy.

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