SNUBA Diving

Posted by Tom Locke on May 18th, 2009 filed in History, Travel

That’s not a typo – it’s SNUBA not SCUBA Diving that I am referring to.   In late January of 2008 I was introduced to SNUBA diving by my good friends Susan & Mike Beech  while on vacation in Cozumel, Mexico.

Yours Truly With A Starfish

Yours Truly With A Starfish

SNUBA is a trade name (of Snuba International, Inc.) for an underwater breathing system. The word SNUBA is a portmanteau of “snorkel” and “scuba.” The swimmer uses swimfins, a diving mask, weights, and breathing apparatus as in scuba diving. The air, however, instead of coming from tanks strapped to the diver’s back, comes through a long hose from tanks on the surface. SNUBA often serves as a form of introductory diving and has become very popular with vacationers in Hawaii and Mexico.

By the way, if Cozumel is a destination of interest for you, check out Susan & Mike Beech’s  website,

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  1. David Drucker Says:

    Looks like a lot of fun, and pretty comfortable. Do the scuba divers turn up their collective noses at this as ‘non-diving’?

  2. Tom Locke Says:


    Scuba divers probably look at this like riding a bike with training wheels. However, Scuba instructors find this a great vehicle to get interested people into Scuba diving and reducing the fear factor about being able to breathe underwater.

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