Back in the Saddle

Posted by Tom Locke on August 5th, 2009 filed in General, Life

My life has been somewhat of a whirlwind this last month.   Much of this was the result of my Dad’s ill health and ultimate passing on July 16.   During this period of time  I had the opportunity to reflect on my last three and half years of care giving and put pen to paper in order to perserve some fond memories.    

In doing so, I  soon realized that in reconnecting with my Dad, it reinforced the importance that the role humour can play in our day to day lives.   In tandem with this I embraced the opportunity to revisit my priorities and my values  as they relate to health, authenticity and harmony.    

The response that I have received to my writings, simply entitled “The Gift“,  has been overwhelming and has given, not only me but others,  great comfort and strength.

Hence, in keeping with the purpose of my website, I have dedicated a page to “The Gift“.   I welcome your comments.

Be well and keep smiling!

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