The Miracle Mile

Posted by Tom Locke on August 7th, 2009 filed in History, Life, Sports ... All Sorts

Fifty-five years ago today, Roger Bannister (now Sir Roger) from England and John Landy from Austrailia put Vancouver, BC on the map with their historic race at the then British Empire & Commonwealth  Games.

Over the years it has been recognized as one of the great moments in sport – John Landy glancing over his left shoulder as Roger Bannister makes his move and passes Landy on his right.   This race, later dubbed, “The Miracle Mile“,  would end with both Bannister and Landy breaking the 4 minute barrier – the first time in history that two men would accomplish this feat in the same race.


For the 1994 Commonwealth Games held in Victoria, BC, I obtained the rights to recreate this moment in time on canvas.   Limited edition prints of this painting were subsequently sold with all 1,954 prints personally signed by both runners and artist, Frank Crymble.   A portion of the proceeds from the sales of  “The Miracle Mile” prints  went to sponsoring our Canadian athletes at these Games.

Miracle Mile [2]

For those interested, I still have a limited supply of these originally signed prints.   More …


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