Work/Life Balance

Posted by Tom Locke on September 21st, 2009 filed in Business, History, Life, Sports ... All Sorts

Henry VIII may have  had it right when he proclaimed that the day should be divided up into 8 hours work, 8 hours play and 8 hours rest.   Ironically, today the notion of balancing your time so that you include a proper diet, rest and attention to others has  become a cornerstone for many career coaches.

As we age, we have a tendancy to slow down as to physical activity.   However, some believe it is as important as ever to maintain some type of exercise regime on a daily basis.   I still play doubles squash and softball, the latter, competitively,  for over 50 years.   I’m a firm believer in the adage credited to  anthropologist Ashley Montague who said,

           “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

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