Stock Tips From The Mouth of Babes

Posted by Tom Locke on October 21st, 2009 filed in Business, History, Life

I have been  watching the stock market carefully for the last little while.   In tandem with this I have been preaching to clients and students that one of the cornerstones in pitching is to know your audience – what is their pain, what do they like and what are they talking about.

A believer in the practical application of technology, I decided to take my own advice and  talk to some young people (mostly teenagers) about what their likes and dislikes were.   In 90% of the cases, they liked stuff that was cool.   Drilling a little deeper, this “cool stuff” turned out to have digital technology as it basis.

Realizing that these people were the consumers/leaders of the future, I started to look at “cool stuff” that was being introduced by public companies.   One of the leaders in the intoduction of new “cool stuff” turns out to be Apple.   Their stock is thriving and they are capturing the future audience.

Digital technology and its various applications  are not going away.   And, if its “cool”, it just maybe a “good buy” replacing the “good bye” many of us experienced during the market meltdown.

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