Ageing Can Be A Wonderful Thing

Posted by Tom Locke on December 22nd, 2009 filed in Life

I just came back from a brief trip to Toronto to see my daughter and do some business.   While there, I was the “mystery guest” at a Christmas party that included a number of  people who I grew up and hadn’t seen for 20 plus years.

Hugs and questions  about the past two decades outnumbered the beers.   It was one of the most fascinated and fasted evenings of my life.   The willingness of my “long-lost” friends to share their up and downs as well as their  future plans  was incredible.

I left that evening with a renewed pride  and passion for my past and  the knowledge that  I had made my  life and those of others count.   Ironically, as I flew home, I listened to Dean Martin sing “Memories Are Made Of This” with a whole new perspective.   Let’s hear it for ageing!

2 Responses to “Ageing Can Be A Wonderful Thing”

  1. David Says:

    Nice to hear that you got to reunite with so many old friends. I’m particularly missing some people that I won’t ever be able to reunite with (and was expecting to). Also good to hear that you are cherishing those reunions. They are priceless (and I guess you get more of them in later years – which is definitely a good thing!)

  2. Tom Locke Says:

    Paraphrasing another comment that I received, it was observed that we need to do this as we get older – not only to validate where we’ve been but to realize that life is, indeed, a journey. It’s so interesting to find out what others actually thought of us.

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