Making a Difference

Posted by Tom Locke on February 18th, 2010 filed in Business, Life

Throughout my career and personal life I have been exposed to people who have made a difference.   The commonality amongst this group has been their awareness and willingness to bring their values into play througout their lives.

They have a keen awareness that they can make a difference when they make an ethical decision, offer support, choose honesty or lend a helping hand.   It gives purpose to their lives.  

This approach has become an unconscious part of their day-to-day lives.   As one person from this group once  expressed to me, “It’s amazing what a difference ‘making a difference’ makes”.

And, it’s not that hard to do.   By simply being polite, picking up a piece of litter or recognizing someone for their thoughtfulness, you make a difference.     Don’t be afraid to overdue it.

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    Wow, Tom, what a terrific OLYMPICS in my favorite city in the world! How cool for you to BE THERE!!! Hard to believe I’m watching the closing ceremony. . . . are you there? Did your daughter have an amazing job during this time? Far out! Hey, gotta stand for the national anthem of Norway!~talk to you soon.XOXOXO

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