Olympic Experience – Week 2

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It’s been less than two days since the closing of the 2010 Olympic Games here in Vancouver and I can’t believe the number of phone calls and emails that I have received about this “Moment In Time”.   And, they have come from all parts of the world.  

Canada had a great run the second week and finished up with 14 Gold Medals, a Winter Olympic record.   However, what was even more remarkable was how the locals, the athletes, the volunteers, the visitors and the media continued to  engage and embrace these Games.    

On Wednesday, February 24,  I attended the Canada/Russia quater final hockey game.   It was one of the best games that I have ever  seen Canada play against the Soviets.   Canada won 7-3.   It was hard hitting, extremely fast-paced and featured some picture-perfect goals (one of which you can see below).   The feeling in the crowd was electric and many of us got a big kick out of the party atmosphere – case in point, the picture of the Russian fams and a family from Medicine Hat, Alberta, who took a page out of the movie, “Slapshot” and dressed up as the  “Hansons” (also  below).   Later that evening, I witnessed Slovakia’s 4-3  upset victory over Sweden.

On  Friday, February 26, four of us attended the Women’s Bronze Medal in curling.   China won the match over the Swiss 12-6.      It was pretty easy to see why they are the reigning world champions.   Later that evening, my brother and his wife, joined Cindy and I at the Victory Ceremonies at BC Place Stadium.   It was great watching athletes around the world receive their much deserved medals.   The entertainment, Great Big Sea from Atlantic Canada, was also top drawer and managed to get the whole audience up and participating in many of their numbers.   Meanwhile, we were all glued to smart phones and other digital devices that gave us timely updates of the Canada/Slovakia semi-final hockey game won by Canada 3-2.

With the Canadian Women’s hockey team  shutting out the   USA, 2-0,  for the gold medal  on Thursday, February 25, the stage was set for Sunday’s Gold Medal Men’s Final between Canada and the USA.   Unless you have been hibernating, you know the outcome of that game – Canada won a nail biter in overtime 3-2 and sent literally throngs of people out into the streets in not only Vancouver but in other cities across Canada.   In fact, downtown Toronto’s main thoroughfare, Yonge Street, was shut down for celebration.

Exhausted after watching Thee Game that has gone down in history as the most watched TV progam in Canada ever, I headed for home and my living room couch and watched the closing ceremonies.   I’m glad I taped them because I will be watching them again.

Come March 12, the Paralympics begin.   And I’m sure we are in store for some more fond memories.

Crowd Scene - Canada vs. RussiaFirst Goal - Canada vs Russia

      Here’s a shot of the crowd and Canada’s first goal.

 Russian FansHanson Family

Russian fans  ‘warming up” before the Game and the “Hanson Family”.

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