The Power of Music

Posted by Tom Locke on June 16th, 2010 filed in Life, Music, Sports ... All Sorts

Last week I had the pleasure of flying back to my old home town of Richmond Hill, which is just north of Toronto.   The purpose of my visit was to attend the 40th anniversary of the Richmond Hill Racquet Club, a club that I joined way back in 1976.

The turnout was impressive.   Thank God for name tags.

The evening was well organized and included some  impressive exhibition squash and proper recognition of those who made the club what it was over the years.   However, aside from reconnecting with fellow members and sharing stories of games gone by, the highlight of the evening for me came when I  was summoned  to join a group of ladies who were mingling near one of the courts.

The first question I was asked by the group was, “Are you Tom Locke?”   To which I replied, “Guilty as charged.”   With my identity established, the group  took over the conversation and began talking, not about my squash, but about the great parties we used to have at the club and the music that I supplied at all these “late night” events.   To them, I was “Mister Music”.  

Now, why was this such a highlight/surprise to me?   Well, for the last 25+ years, I have lived in Vancouver and I haven’t been a member of the Richmond Hill Racquet Club since 1984!

Hence, the power of music.

(Afterthought:   I guess it’s nice to be remember for something that impacted others in a positive way.   So much for my squash ability.)

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