Posted by Tom Locke on September 10th, 2010 filed in Sports ... All Sorts

In my last blog entry, “Happy New Year”, I mentioned how many people perceive the coming of September as the beginning of a new year – be it going back to school or gearing up at work for the Fall season.

For many others, especially football fans, September is symbolic with the beginning of the NFL season with the weekly battles on the gridiron giving something for us to talk about around the water cooler on Monday.

For those who like to wager on the NFL (and there are many who do), I created my own “NFL Fix” for friends and business colleagues.   It is a pool called The Last Man Standing and simply involves participants picking one team each week to win its game with no point spreads involved.   The only rule is that you only pick a team once.   Hence as season wears on your choices of winners narrow.   Once you pick a team that loses, your are knocked out of the pool.

The pool ends when there is one Last Man Standing.  

As the season progresses, future updates will be forthcoming.

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