Handling the Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

Posted by Tom Locke on September 13th, 2010 filed in General

According to Mark Weaver, the core of being overwhelmed is fear – being afraid of the unknown and lacking confidence in our abilities to deal with the unexplored and unfamiliar. But we don’t need to let fear and anxiety freeze us.

Two principles that  we can apply that will help us get a grip on our feelings of anxiety and not let them gain control over us are watching our health and managing what we do.

With regards to health we must make a commitment to getting the proper rest, regular exercise and eating a balance diet.   Complementing this is the managing of  our challenges/tasks by  breaking them down down into small, doable parts and then focusing our attention on  one little part at a time.   It’s like the old joke on how do you to eat an elephant – one piece at a time.  

And, by the way, adding a little humour to your daily activities is also a great aid.

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