At the Mercy of Technology

Posted by Tom Locke on November 19th, 2010 filed in Business, History, Life

As you may have noticed I have been silent for  over 2 weeks.   Upon returning home from a business trip,  my computer crashed.   Yes I had a back up drive but the time and effort I put in trying to  get my computer back up was extremely frustrating.

I couldn’t just ignore the problem because there was information on my computer that I needed to access … at least I thought I did.  

After two full days of down time and interacting with technical experts over the phone, I took some time out, sat back and asked myself, “How productive was I being?” and “What were the viable alternatives that I should explore?”

Soon realizing that my biggest challenge was email access and that I could contact people over the phone to get their addresses on an as needed basis, I was soon back in the swing.   My saving grace was that I had a laptop and have been  religious in backing up working documents to  memory  sticks and external hard drive.

I also soon discovered that my time spent in trying to salvage my “old” computer was not only fruitless but very cost ineffective.   That’s when I took on the “BIC” lighter mentality – i.e. Throw it away!  I realized that I could buy a new computer, download my files and be back up and running in no time and for less cost.

As to my email address book, I soon found out that people who want me now would find me and as they do, I just simply add them  to my contact list.

Don’t want to be at the mercy of technology?   Then, back up so you can continue to move forward.

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