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In October this year while at the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers’ conference in Prague, I had the pleasure of connecting with a new member from Germany, Peter Claridge.   Originally from England, Peter and I hit it off quickly, recognizing that we had similar backgrounds in being early adopters and adapters of new technology for the entertainment industry.

Like me, Peter has a number of other interests, one of which is the launching of a new clothing company called “RUGGR“.    The clothing line is retro in nature and  focuses on reacquainting people with the classic look and feel of rugby shirts of the past.  

According to the company’s founder, Niclas Friese-Greene, his goal was  ” … to create modern Rugby Shirts with a difference. Shirts which are closer to the genuine heritage of the sport as well as setting standards in quality and craftsmanship. Shirts which can be worn by anyone, irrespective of age and status. Shirts which offer style and class, suitable for any occasion.”

Speaking of “class”, check out this picture of me modeling one of the shirts.   If you like what you see, check out   It just might be your Christmas solution this year.


The look and feel of this shirt is as “Genuine” as the beer I am holding.

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  1. niclas friese-greene Says:

    hi tom,

    what a fantastic photograph! the shirt really suits you and i am so glad you are satisfied with the genuine “plainsbridge.” thanks for your post..couldn`t have better described the thoughts behind RUGGR myself.



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