Meeting Life Challenges

Posted by Tom Locke on February 25th, 2011 filed in General, Life

I think many of us have come to realize that life is not fair.   Luke,  a son of a close friend of mine, could have chosen a “victim’s attitude” in reference to this realization as a result of experiencing a mountain bike accident that resulted in him becoming a  quadriplegic.

Instead, after months of rehab, he chose to live life to the fullest in his new “environment”.   This decision inspired others to join him in meeting this challenge.

For the past nine years, “Friends in BC” have modestly supported Luke via an annual  charity event.   At the most recent event, a film by Luke was aired.   The audience was in awe.

Subsequently,  Luke  followed up  with a “Virtual High Five” email to this support group.   He said, “I’m very happy that all of you were able take in my film. Despite the length of time it took to finish and its multiple iterations and themes encountered along the way, it really was alot of fun putting together. I learned a tremendous amount about filmmaking but more importantly I learned alot about myself.

Having shared the film with you, my ultimate wish is that I’ve helped you develop a new appreciation for change in your life. I think my experience has taught me how to accept  change and recognize that change can open doors to experience new things.

But in order to sucessfully embrace change you need a whole lot of support. I’d like to thank each of you for providing that key element in my constant quest for accepting the change that happened in my life over 8 years ago and realizing its potential to shed light on new opportunities.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have you on my team and can’t thank you enough for your help.”

Luke, you are an incredible person, and we are the better for being able to be part of your experience in meeting life challenges.

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