Embarassed, Disgusted But Hopeful

Posted by Tom Locke on June 16th, 2011 filed in General, History, Life, Sports ... All Sorts

I am still reeling from the aftermath of Boston’s victory last night  over Vancouuver in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I was in the downtown core about an hour prior to the game as fans poured into the city.   For the most part, the crowd appeared friendly and was definitely in a party mood.   However, I felt an underlying current of “nastiness” in the air – to the point that I felt that something was going to happen after the game, win or lose.   Sadly, I was right.

As I watched the rioting and looting on TV, done by a few but watched by many,  I could feel the reddening in my face.   My embarassment was soon followed by disgust for some of my so-called fellow Canadians as I watched them light fires and terrorize police.

Fortunately things subsided.   We  have been left with  a massive, million dollar plus  clean up, an international black eye and many asking, “Didn’t we learn anything from the Stanley Cup riot of June 14, 1994?”

Thanks to social media efforts that were put into action this morning, I am hopeful that those who broke the law will be brought to justice and a heighten sense of community will evolve.

The Vancouver Police Department posted a message on Twitter  last night  night saying they would be releasing information Thursday (today)  on how citizens could submit evidence.

Responding to a post from a poster called @jonnypicture, the VPD said “Please hold onto your footage until we are at the point of gathering evidence. We appreciate it!”

Another Facebook group was designed as a rallying point for Vancouverites hoping to help with the cleanup on Thursday morning.   Roughly 10,000 people had indicated they planned to attend the event.

Vancouver is a beautiful place to live.   Let’s all of us strive to keep it that way.

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  1. Gary Wong Says:

    I share the same sentiments, Tom.

    For the readers, here are the instructions from the VPD to provide evidence:

    I hope that charges will include all the jerks who posed in front of the riot police for probably a Facebook picture or YouTube moment.

    I hope the justice system does more than slap them on the wrist with a $ fine. Something more meaningful would be 500 hours of scrubbing the downtown sidewalks or cleaning waste bins while wearing a “I am sorry Vancouver” T-shirt.

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