Just Doogle It

Posted by Tom Locke on November 10th, 2011 filed in Education, Life, Music, Sports ... All Sorts, Technology

Doug Boyd is one of my good friends who lives in Horseshoe Bay, BC.   We get together from time to time and inevitably we get into discussions on two of our favourite things – music and sports.   We are both enchanted by the stories behind the records and behind the scores.

Being 10 years my senior, Doug brings some real life insight to memorable times of the 50’s which I barely recall or have only books, pictures and old film footage to capture past moments. Doug has lived them – e.g. seeing Elvis Presley live in 1957 in Toronto.

His memory is incredible and he rarely uses the Internet to substantiate his claims or observations.   However, that is not the case of the younger generation who frequent a bar in the neighbourhood where Doug goes in for a “quiet one” now and then.

On many occasions these Gen X’ ers and Y’s get into discussions on music and sports.   When verification is required they pull out their smart phones and a finger frenzy begins.   Except one guy – he just turns to Doug who often gives him the correct answer.

The other guys end up with a puzzled look on their face as they have yet to find the defacto answer on the web.   When they quiz their buddy who befriended Doug on how he got his answer so fast, he simply says, “I just Doogled it!”

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