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Posted by Tom Locke on November 28th, 2011 filed in History, Sports ... All Sorts

The BC Lions winning of the 99th Grey Cup (Lions 34   Bombers 23)  capped off an unbelieveable  year for the team, which started out the season 0 – 5.    
Once late September rolled around you could see the team coming together.    However, there was one other element they had going for them – the destiny of the St. Louis Cardinals.  
How does Major League Baseball’s Cardinals come into play you ask?   Well they had an incredible “Cinderella” year as well, coming out of nowhere in late August to capture the wild card position over the Atlanta Braves and then go on to beat the Texas Rangers in a memorable seven game World Series.  
And here’s the rest of story about why I predicted, on October 30, 2011, that  the Lions would win the Grey Cup.
My email that day to a close friend back east said the following:   “One other tidbit, I am picking the Lions to win the Grey Cup (another great comeback year). My main reason is that the last time they won was in 2006 ” the same year the Cardinals went 83 ” 78 (didn’t need to play a rainout) and won the World Series. Both teams also won in 1964.”  
1964 marked the first time the Lions won the Grey Cup.   That year the Cardinals again  came out of nowhere by making up 10 games in September  to catch the Phillies and win the National League Pennant.   They then went on to win a seven game World Series over the New York Yankees.
So you can see, this year’s Lions’ victory  “was all in the Cards”.

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  1. Tim Furniss Says:

    Very interesting Tom,
    The hard core statistitians would probably come up with problems with the cause and effect logic, much as they did with the the stock market going up when an AFC team won the superbowl. Glad to hear that your prediction came through. I hope you enjoyed the game.

  2. As the Cardinals go, so go the Lions? | Hub Consulting Services Says:

    […] If you are wondering why I have made this connection, I refer to my post of last year about the correlation of the winning ways of the Cardinals and Lions – […]

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