The Bonus

Posted by Tom Locke on April 21st, 2012 filed in Life, Sports ... All Sorts

Well I am just back from my annual pilgrimmage to Toronto to see the Blue Jay Opener with 35 of my friends.  It was the 36th opener for the team and I and colleague Terry Elder have been to everyone of them.  As my Dad would say, “If Tom was in Timbuktu, he would find a way to make it for opening day.”

This year, however, was somewhat unique in that I had a one way ticket to Toronto so I could drive back to Vancouver with my daughter, Alana, who decided to return to BC.  It was a great trip.  More on that at a later date.

The bonus on this trip that made it doubly unique was the opportunity to connect with Ted Pierrepoint, a business associate and friend of mine from the early days.  Ted and I had not seen each other in almost 30 years.  Thanks to LinkedIn, Ted and I connected and began Skyping each other.

The topper was Ted inviting Alana and I into his home to have Easter Sunday dinner with him and his family.  What a wonderful time it was.

I look forward to more interaction with Ted and his family.

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