Keepin the Lions Share

Posted by Tom Locke on May 21st, 2012 filed in Business, Sports ... All Sorts

A tip of the helmet to the BC Lions.   On Saturday May 12 they had a special day, KickOff 2012, just for their season ticket holders.

It was a well planned day.   In addition to being allowed to pick up their 2012 season tickets, these loyal fans were fed, entertained by coaches and players and were allowed to go on to  the field and meet with the players and get autographs.

It was quite clear in the messaging from Lions’ CEO, Dennis Skulsky, and new head coach, Mike Benevides, that they put tremendous value in the fan base and constantly talked about “your team” to the audience with the focus of continuing to engage fan support.

The day was well received.   And like any business, without the customer support you won’t be successful.   The Lions understand this pawfectly.

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