Do It Froggy Style

Posted by Tom Locke on June 11th, 2012 filed in Business, Education

Last Saturday, my Brother treated me to a tour of the Dead Frog Brewery in Aldergrove, BC.   Having never had a beer I didn’t like, I was up for the occasion.

However, the bonus was meeting Founder & CEO, Derrick Smith, who, in addition to  orchestrating the tour, provided some fascinating information on the evolution of the brewery and their  brand over the last four years.

According to Walter Landour of Landour Associates, “A product is made in the factory; a brand is made in the mind.” 

The Dead Frog brand is heading in this direction as it continues to develop the five elements of a strong brand:

” ¢  It must be relevant to a real or projected need in the marketplace.

” ¢  It must be deliverable – the company must have infrastructure, assets and intellectual capital to fulfill the promise and deliver the value.

” ¢   It must be credible – the company behind the promise must be perceived as capable of delivering it.

” ¢  It must be differentiating – it must possess some quality that distinguishes it from all other competitively relevant brands.

” ¢  It must be both inspired and inspiring – it must motivate interest, action and enthusiasm among employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers.

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