A Tribute to Bruno

Posted by Tom Locke on July 6th, 2012 filed in General, History, Life, Travel

Two weeks ago, on June 23,    my cousin, Diana, and her beau, Aaron, got married at the Bonniebrook Lodge  near Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast in BC.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, which was held outside, a group of the male contingent attending gathered together and repurposed their clothing by taking off their ties, putting their shirt collars over their jacket collars and opening the top buttons on their shirts to expose a dollar store medallion that could best be described as a “Mr. T starter set”.

They then assembled themselves in a semi-circle around Aaron, the groom, and made a toast to Bruno Gerussi and the TV show he starred in, “The Beachcomers”, which was shot in Gibsons for 19 seasons (1972 – 1990).

Although they made “Andy of Mayberry” look like a think tank, the group managed to put a smile on everybody’s face.   Have a look for yourself:

Bruno’s Boys & The Codfather

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