Posted by Tom Locke on August 2nd, 2012 filed in Business, Education, Life

The other day I came across a very timely article by Carmine Gallo, an online  contributor to Forbes Magazine’s website.   His topic was  on how to pitch and/or  tell people what you do in 15 seconds.

Fifteen seconds is about all the time we have to get someone’s attention.   If we are successful we then buy more time to expound on our subject.   However, even then we must continue to be succinct and to use simple language.

To that end, Carmine suggests building a message map with a three step approach:

Step 1 – Create a Twitter-friendly headline

Step 2 – Support the headline with three key benefits

Step 3 – Reinforce the benefits with stories, statistics and examples

To view Carmine’s piece, which includes an excellent video, go to:

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