A Super Bowl For A Super Guy

Posted by Tom Locke on February 5th, 2013 filed in Education, Life, Sports ... All Sorts

Sunday Feb 3 marked the 11th Anniversary of a Super Bowl Party for Charity that I have been involved with since its inception.

Initially, this charity event was created to assist a young man, Luke Anderson,  who  became a  quadriplegic as a result of a  biking accident in the Fall of 2002.   Over the past decade,  Luke has made tremendous strides with his commitment to be independent and to help others.  

He has been a Rick Hansen ambassador for a number of years and gives his time to go out and speak at various functions and in school settings.

Today, the funds we raise now  go towards STOPGAP,  a disability awareness  initiative devoted to universal design and accessibility, a campaign that Luke heads up.

In Luke’s words, “Thanks to your support, you have given me the strength and confidence to go out and make a difference in the community for all” .   To that end, I encourage you to visit Luke’s website on this initiative at www.stopgap.ca.

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  1. Bill Anderson Says:

    Hi Dudley: Great game. Lights Out. Great Event. I like the way that you describe the change in the reason for the fundraising for Luke. We, of course, are going through the same editing process for the May 30th event. Talk to you soon.


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