Brand Addiction

Posted by Tom Locke on February 21st, 2013 filed in History, Life

Walter Landor, Founder of Landor Associates once said, “A product is made in the factory; a brand is made in the mind“.

Given that, I have always found it curious, when a product is subject to the senses and a certain setting, that it can influence one’s personal brand in the minds of others.

This came as quite a revelation to me the other day while at a restaurant.  I watched eight people, in there early 20’s, sit down at a table.  Before they even opened their menus, out came the smart phones which were strategically placed in front of their owners.  I was quickly able to distinguish who were iPhone people and who were Android followers.

I just shook my head … and then I started to laugh at myself.  How different was I to them.  Forty years ago, I remember sitting down at a table and before opening the menus, all the smokers (which was the majority) had their cigarette packages out and in front of them.

I guess you could some this up by saying “addictions never die, they just come in different formats in different times”.

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