Physical Vs. Virtual

Posted by Tom Locke on May 22nd, 2013 filed in Business, Life, Technology

Throughout history the only thing that has been constant is change.   And the future will be no different.   So our best choice is to embrace it and see where the opportunities lie.

All the new opportunities/experiences, whether concrete or virtual will have a technology component.   Technology to participate, support, market, advertise and socially interact.

Many of the opportunities which are virtual are totally controlled by the participant with limited physical interaction.   These are not my cup of tea as I believe that man was born to physically interact.

However, non-virtual opportunities/experiences (e.g. a movie festival or a sporting event) dictate a fixed time for participation and to be successful require a commitment from participants to attend.   For some participants there is a reluctance to commit, especially if there is an option to participate virtually.

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