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Posted by Tom Locke on July 3rd, 2013 filed in Life, Sports ... All Sorts

Timing is everything. I wrote the article below, a wishful fantasy more than an article perhaps, and sent it to Tom to put on his blog. And then I decided to edit it, and of course, did not publish it.   Sadly, the last 5 business days have seen a terrible cuck-up in the Canucks fortunes. Proof positive that failing to act causes others to act to fail.

My Perfect Season by Allan Locke

I have been a life-long hockey fan. My dad and I went to almost every Leafs game during the 70’s. I was at Maple Leaf Gardens the night Darryl Sittler scored ten points, and I will never forget the amazed look on his face when number six went into the net. I kept the tickets stubs too.**

Looking at next season, and sure it is early, but the Ranger’s hiring of Alain Vigneaut, and the Canucks hiring of John Tortorelli creates some great opportunities. Let’s trade Robbie to New York. I think Alain and Robbie would like the trade. They are like the catcher and the second baseman –they not only communicate, they win games. Of course as Lou’s big contract would be an issue, trade for King Henrik. He gets along with John very well too, part of the reason why the Ranger’s lead the league in blocked shots. To add to the benefit, the three greatest Swedish players in the NHL will be on one team.

That would lead to a surplus of goalies for the Canucks. Pittsburgh would be a very good trading partner. The Bruins would be as well, but only for Lucic. That guy was a pain mainly because we didn’t have him on our team. Vancouver owes the Lucic family a major apology, and hiring that greatly talented hockey player may begin to make amends. And to a man the Canucks would be 20% tougher based on the legend of the player they have not played in 24 months and have only seen on television.

The Canucks should definitely talk to the Penguins. We have a number one goaltender. They need a number one goal tender. Mr. Lemieux built a deep, talented, and tough team. Certainly, players who would benefit the Canucks.

I hope Jerome Ignila gets traded back the Calgary. Calgary is a proud town, and they need him.

And last but not least: How many days before John Tortorelli and Squire Barnes have a dwarf throwing contest?

Thanks Tom for the opportunity to talk hockey!

Al Locke

**And I quote: “Those old scraps of paper are meaningless so I threw them out”   <sigh>

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