Giving To Receive

Posted by Tom Locke on July 12th, 2013 filed in Business, Education, Life

Whether you are exploring new avenues to take your business or purchasing a home, working with experts reduces the angst and sets a foundation for productivity/success.

In talking to experts in various fields, I found one common thread – they all had a willingness to share.   How they shared their knowledge proved to be key.   Many of them would volunteer to  sit on panels at conferences dedicated to their particular field, write articles in related industry magazines and/or provide their expertise on a pro bono basis in the community (e.g. a favourite charity).

The result – by giving value they were noticed and soon recognized as ones “in the know”.   This proved to be a strong connector for them in driving their business as it  allowed them to provide wanted content and collaboration.   This subsequently led to a build up of trust and commitment.

This approach has worked for me and has added a whole new meaning to those familiar words first said to me by my mother, “It is better to give then receive”.

And experts will tell you that “by giving you will receive”.

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