Seems Like “Yesterday”

Posted by Tom Locke on May 15th, 2014 filed in History, Life, Music

Over the years I have been either directly or indirectly involved in a number of high profile commercial ventures with my business colleague and friend Darrell Lidstone (  As highlighted on this website, one of our more successful projects was a commemorative for “The Miracle Mile” , which featured Sir Roger Bannister and John Landy.  It was produced in conjunction with the 1994 Commonwealth Games. This year marks the 60th Anniversary of that great moment in time (

Posing below with our good friend, the legendary Dee Jay, Red Robinson, Darrell (on the right) and I have teamed up with Red to be the Executive Producers responsible for the financing, administration and marketing of another commemorative – this one is about the Beatles.

It’s hard to believe that August 22, 2014 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first Canadian concert that was held at Empire Stadium in Vancouver, BC.  From all accounts it was quite a memorable and somewhat scary evening.  In talking with a retired security official who worked that evening, he summed up the event as being nothing short of a “Hard Day’s Night”.

This limited edition commemorative is originally signed by Red and the renowned artist, Glen Green.  For more information including the history of that evening and some rare footage, go to

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