Generation “C”

Posted by Tom Locke on June 25th, 2014 filed in Business, Life, Technology

As a career/business coach,  I have had the pleasure of teaming up with Ray Williams, an executive & leadership coach, speaker and author.  One thing that has always impressed me about Ray is his commitment to staying current with technology and the demographics of the workplace.

In a recent article he describes Generation “C” as ” … the current 18 to 34 year olds. The “C ” stands for connected. They rule social media, online video, smart phones, tablets and TV viewership. They have a passion for engagement, creativity, connection, contribution and self-directed consumption. And they measure the importance of their personal and work worlds by experiences that answer the question ‘how will this feel?'”

Ray then goes on to address the impact this generation will have on business quoting a couple of prominent authors on the subject.  They conjecture that via social media, shareable experiences will be the core of future consumer transactions.

If this is indeed true, the internal business challenge will be creating a work environment where communication of these trends is embraced and acted upon by upper management.  Hence collaboration with Generation “C” employees will be essential in order for companies to adapt on a timely basis and remain competitive.

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