The Impact of Suicide

Posted by Tom Locke on August 13th, 2014 filed in Life

Suicide affects people in many ways.  Reactions  run the gamut from disbelief to disappointment;  sadness to introspection; and, in some cases … anger.

Robin Williams’ sudden death sparked this reaction from my brother, Allan:

“As I get older, and sometimes on a good day, a tiny bit wiser, I appreciate the small gifts each day has to offer. And as the list of great people that I have outlived lengthens, I appreciate the “present”. What would any of us who have lost a loved family member give to just have one more day with them? Whether it was a mom or a dad, a sister or a brother, son or daughter — the joy of just one more day with them is a priceless gift. Suicide is the most selfish, disrespectful and cruel act any healthy, living person, especially a husband and father, can commit against his family. I find the act intolerable, and the motive defenseless. The statement by the spouse to remember the laughter and not the final act is not possible for me. The final act is so heinous, and such a betrayal of trust, it is unforgivable.”

I hope my brother’s comments will make others think twice before making such a decision and negatively impacting so many.

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