An Important Yet Underutilized Tool

Posted by Tom Locke on November 13th, 2014 filed in Business, History, Life

Want to keep your employees engaged and happy in the workplace?

How about adding “thanks” to your vocabulary and written responses when interacting with them.

According to author, Chester, Elton, “… there’s enough statistical evidence that recognition done right plays a critical role in engaging employees and creating high-performance cultures. Our research shows it also creates enhanced feelings of trust and communication in employees. But it’s hard to benefit from the impact of gratitude if you don’t do it.”

Every language has a word for “thanks”.  So, if there is an opportunity in your workplace to thank someone, embrace it.  It’s also great for enhancing self-worth and making people feel that they are part of something that’s achieving a worthwhile goal and/or making a difference.

It doesn’t take much and, better yet, you are in control of its use.

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