Leadership & Preparedness

Posted by Tom Locke on November 22nd, 2014 filed in Business, Education, History, Life

I recently read online an article from Time magazine about the 3 greatest attributes of exceptional leaders (http://time.com/3576749/attributes-powerful-great-leader/).

In the article they are quick to point out that there are a myriad of characteristics that can be attributed to leaders.  However, it is the assertion of the writer that the following is required for exceptional leadership:

Vision –  Leadership is first about seeing the future and then about being able to figure out a feasible path to get there.

Influence –  Once you have a clear vision (but only then), you need a strong following. That requires the power of influence – the ability to bring others on board, engage them in the “how” and instill confidence in them that they can reach the goals/objectives you have laid out (with you by their side).

Courage – The ability to implement and keep going despite the challenges and “naysayers” you meet along the way.

I believe the foregoing to be valid.  However, there is an underlying assumption that should not go unnoticed – the  high  level of preparedness.  Exceptional, successful leaders have a high level of preparedness and  believe in  the 5P’sProper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Another way of putting it would be the following quote that is credited to Benjamin Franklin:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

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