Going Back

Posted by Tom Locke on January 16th, 2015 filed in Business, History, Life

I moved out to Vancouver just over 30 years ago to get involved in independent post production with a company called Gastown Post & Transfer.

In June of 1986 I orchestrated a leverage buyout which resulted in me becoming one of five owners of the company.  Two years later with my partners’ blessing and encouragement, I took over the role of President & CEO.

By 1990 we were busting at the seams and with the desire of creating a new film lab to complement our services, we began looking for new digs outside of the Gastown area in Vancouver.  We soon found them and 50 West 2nd Avenue became our new home.

Twenty five years later, the  company is no more.  It went through a public offering phase complete with a name change to Rainmaker Digital Pictures Corp. in 1994, a subsequent buyout by Deluxe of the company’s assets and a closing down of the lab portion of the business – a result of digital technology innovation within the industry.

However, the facility remains, having undergone  timely renovations throughout the years to meet the demands of technology and its clients.  Now known simply as Encore,  with facilities in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and London, the company remains committed to providing the highest quality of service and industry-leading technology while maintaining the integrity and creative tradition of the post production process.

I had the pleasure of visiting the facility on January 15 this year.  Some say, “You can’t go back” but I am so glad I did.  It gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment.  I also reconnected with five former employees/business colleagues who were working there.  It was a great feeling.

Given my focus on Executive Producing these days, I just might end up being a client.



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