An Inspiring Day

Posted by Tom Locke on February 19th, 2015 filed in Life, Sports ... All Sorts

On Sunday February 8, I had the opportunity to have lunch with a former baseball buddy, Brian Clark, who I had not seen in over 40 years. That lunch proved to be the fastest 2.5 hours I have ever experienced at the dinner table.

Some things never change and aside from a few pounds and some grey hair (in my case, less hair), it seemed like time had stood still.

Blessed with a great smile and sense of humour, Brian  went down memory lane with me and shared some of his experiences over the last four decades.  One thing that truly came out in our discussion was his  desire to make his  life count and his willingness to share anything that may be of value to others.

To add to the magic of that day, one of Brian’s friends, Jim Pigott (who lives in Vancouver), joined us.  I soon discovered that Jim’s uncle was Ernie Pigott who owned Pigott Motors in Toronto, a company my uncle worked for in the late 50’s.

For me, Brian Clark is a special person who has been given a mission in life – to aid others in handling and dealing with traumatic events.  He does this by telling his amazing story of how he survived 9/11.  To hear his story, I invite you to visit this link:

Here’s Jim, me and Brian.  I must be standing in a hole.

Jim, Brian & Tom


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