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Film industry  colleague, JoAnn Fowler, is an Emmy nominated makeup artist with credits including many feature films and television series. She also has 2 Cinoma nominations for the TV drama series “The L Word” and won a  Leo here in British Columbia for best makeup for a full length miniseries/feature in 2013.

Prompted by actresses Mia Kirshner and Jennifer Beals (of the “The L Word “), who first brought up the subject of chemicals in makeup to her, JoAnn began researching cosmetic safety. It did not take long before she realized, with all consciousness, that she could no longer work as a makeup artist if she could not offer a viable alternative to her clients.

What followed next was the knowledge that a makeup line with full ingredient disclosure and adherence to the strictest safety measures was needed and Sappho Organics was born ( Personally and privately funded, it s a small company and has relied only on word of mouth for recognition. Just this year it was voted as the best green foundation in InStyle.  Last December, it was recognized by NY makeup artists as their favourite green foundation.

In the last 8 years the world of safe cosmetics has evolved and JoAnn is committed to lead the way.  She is on  round 17 of raising funds to finish formulating and manufacturing a new incredible foundation.

The new foundation line is called pinky&magoo

  • It is 100% natural Vegan (brushes included)
  • It is 94+% certified organic ( minerals are by nature non-organic)
  • It is free of gluten, dimethcione, parabens, phthalates, synthetic & organic dyes and mineral oil
  • It has a pore minimizer that actually impedes the growth of breast cancer cells
  • It has a non-oily moisturizer
  • It looks, feels and smells incredible


Her indiegogo campaign is an interesting and informative one and can be viewed at

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