Your Legacy … Waiting To Happen

Posted by Tom Locke on May 20th, 2015 filed in Education, General, History, Life

My good friend and business colleague, Robb Lucy, has a lot to share. And we are fortunate that he continually does so in an informative, impactful and fun-loving way.

A man of many talents, he is a writer, producer and connector who has been able to combine adventure and learning throughout his career. If I had to pick one person who has discovered happiness and the power of giving, it’s Robb.

His latest offering, “Legacies Aren’t (Just) For Dead People!”, shows others how to discover happiness and the power of giving through purpose.

Not only is this book timely … it is timeless. It is the quintessential guide for people to create and/or be part of a legacy. It is written in a well laid out, step by step manner that creates a positive sense of urgency for one to realize on making their life count while experiencing the joy of doing so during the exercise. It’s a ‘must‘ for families to assist them in passing on tradition and for making sure that stories should be told so they are not forgotten.

Having done this exercise a few times myself, I can guarantee that you will indeed feel happier, empowered and much more aware of who you are.

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