Self Promotion – Branding Without Bragging

Posted by Tom Locke on June 6th, 2015 filed in Business, Education, Life

One of the more interesting pieces I have read on self promotion is one by Lisa Wirthman, a freelance journalist.

Three of the attributes she highlighted that resonated with me were:

Be Authentic  – It is easy to sell yourself if you know yourself and be yourself.  Focus on your strengths and stick to your own style of communication.

Focus on Facts:  It’s hard to dispute the facts.  The more at your fingertips, the  better the chances of making a favourable impression and developing trust.

Share the Credit:  Many of our accomplishments, if not all of them, can be attributed to those we collaborate with.  Don’t be shy in sharing the spotlight with them.  Recognizing others in what you do is a good reflection on you and indicates confidence in your abilities.

And, most importantly, remember helping others succeed is a great way to develop your brand.


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