Christmas Networking

Posted by Tom Locke on December 9th, 2015 filed in Business

Come next week, most people will be winding down their business activities and preparing for the holiday season.  Then come the first week of January they will start  ramping  up again.  Sounds normal … and it is.

But business today isn’t about being normal.  In many cases it’s about getting a few precious minutes with a decision maker.

In my days in the entertainment industry, ‘Christmas Wind Down’ was the rule.  For me, strategically, it was one of busiest and most fulfilling times of the year as I would attend as many industry Christmas events as I could in order to connect with my clients who had time to  talk  with me because they were winding down and, more importantly, had time to discuss, in a relaxed state, what was on their plate in the coming year.  At many of these events we would set up a mutually agreeable time to meet in the New Year

In the period between Christmas and New Years, I would spend a couple of days, undisturbed, fine tuning our New Year forecasts and sharing my findings with my team.  When January came, we were hitting the street running.

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