Time Management?

Posted by Tom Locke on May 28th, 2016 filed in Business, Life

Some say there is no such thing as time management, stating that the only thing you can control/manage are  your commitments.

I concur with this.  However to be successful at it, one should learn and practice the art of saying “No”.  Key in doing this is the mutual agreement  of realistic timelines and/or delivery dates.  For example, you may be approached  to complete a task.  Before accepting, review what you have on your plate and then ask if a delivery date that works for you is acceptable.

When this approach is taken, one of two things predominantly happen – the asker of the task will either consent to the time frame you offered or will decline your offer and approach someone else.

One of the great residual benefits in mastering the art of saying “No” and managing your personal and business commitments is stress reduction.

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