Solving Problems By Listening

Posted by Tom Locke on July 29th, 2016 filed in Business, History, Life, Technology

Fellow business management colleague, university instructor and author, Bruce Hiebert, has spent a significant amount of time in developing a Leadership Dynamics Assessment based on his 18+ years of management consulting  in a wide range of industries combined with years of study of decision making practices, organizational behaviour and human psychology.

It is Bruce’s contention that  you can listen people into agreement.

Per Bruce, “Listening changes the dynamic for the one being listened to.  Listening can, all by itself, let that person put down their issues, or at least find new and more moderate context. At the same time the listener begins to feel the nature of the reality of the other person, even if he/she still does not agree with them.  It allows the listener to relate more effectively.”

Listening is sometimes all you need to solve a problem and always makes problems easier to solve.

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