What Makes A Good Friend

Posted by Tom Locke on October 7th, 2016 filed in Business, General, History, Life

From time to time I receive some great insight from Lee Silber (www.leesilber.com), an amazing author, keynote speaker  and  overall good guy.

Recently he put together the following list. It’s kind of a checklist to test how you rate as a friend and how others stack up, too.  We can’t go back and change how we treat our friends but we sure can be a better friend to those around us now.

Here’s  his  friendship checklist on what makes a good friend.

  • They are good listeners and easy to talk to.
  • They return your calls and reply to your texts quickly and nicely.
  • They are fun to be around and time flies when you’re together.
  • They remember your birthday and other important dates.
  • They cheer you on and celebrate your success. They are not jealous.
  • They are supportive and make you feel good about yourself.
  • They are not judgmental and your friendship is unconditional.
  • They have a lot in common with you, or you both have a passion for the same things.
  • They don’t have to live nearby, and even when you don’t see them often, it feels like you have.
  • They don’t bad mouth you behind your back. Instead, they sing your praises to others.
  • They find ways to show they care . . . about you.
  • They’re always there when you need them.
  • They have your back and stick up for you.
  • They are honest and can be trusted.
  • They’re there in good times and bad.
  • They respect you and your time.
  • They give more than they take.
  • They understand you.

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