America Has Spoken?

Posted by Tom Locke on November 10th, 2016 filed in General, History, Life

After witnessing one of the most bizarre election campaigns in the history of the United States of America, I took some time out to gather my thoughts and listen to others here in Canada and south of the border.

I also spent some time going over the statistics that have evolved regarding the election that supposedly led to Trump’s victory and Hillary’s loss.

My conclusion is that the ultimate vote was not so much for a candidate but for a change.  This election button, given to me in Miami in September this year, supports my claim.  Election Button (2)As one of my American friends stated, “The deplorable won over the despicable”.

I also believe that “silence speaks volumes”.  I say this because only 51% of registered voters turned out and I don’t believe apathy was the reason for many not to vote – they just could not lend their support to either candidate.  Hence one could argue that Trump’s crudeness “won” over Hillary’s inability to garner trust.

Last fall, Canada had a federal election.  It was quite clear that the result was based on a desire for change and 68% of registered voters voted.  And we got our change.

Often with change, comes unsettling times and I believe America will experience this over the course of the next few years, including a needed overhauling of their political system and how it works.  Hopefully, the short term pain will result in a long term gain and America will become united and strong again.

On a lighter note, it would appear that over the next four years we will be seeing a lot of Alec Baldwin.


4 Responses to “America Has Spoken?”

  1. Bill Says:

    I agree completely that change was a big factor. The other thing was that the political elite has lost touch with a majority of the electorate and the media got shown up for what they really are, part of that political inside elite. I read a comment today that said that who lost was the political establishment.

  2. Tom Locke Says:

    I concur with the “political establishment” comment. In fact, what if the democratic machine had read America better and supported Bernie Sanders? Ironically, the following article just came out two hours ago – Bernie Sanders

  3. Donna Says:

    I am thankful to live in a country where voting is compulsory. There is a message for us all; for the people to understand the system more and for the parties to be in touch further with the people and what their needs really are.

  4. Tom Locke Says:


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