Rugby Sevens – More Than A Game

Posted by Tom Locke on March 17th, 2017 filed in Humour, Life, Sports ... All Sorts

Last weekend, I attended the Rugby Sevens tournament here in Vancouver.  What a blast.

Watching 14 extremely fit human beings ( 7 per side) go all out for 14 minutes (length of one game) was something else.  Strength, agility and speed became a given while watching these athletes.  As you got more into the game, you could see the strategy unfold.

But that was not all you could see.  The crowd was unbelievable.  Garbed in all kinds of costumes from “bottles of beer” to “Ninja Turtles” to the “Pope”, you could not help but shake your head and smile about the fan creativity.

In addition, the crowd, although loud, was not unruly, playing a key role in the positive atmosphere that surrounded each game.

I can hardly wait until next year.

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