A Comeback Strategy

Posted by Tom Locke on October 26th, 2017 filed in Business, General, Life, Sports ... All Sorts

In June of 1991 I broke my arm throwing a softball in a competitive tournament.   I was in a cast for 6 months and  was facing a year of rehab.

What kept me going was my ability to direct  the anger that arose when I was told that I would never throw again and I should retire.

With a “I’ll show you” attitude, I let the anger fuel my desire to do more and try harder during my rehab period.

I also combined this with two other things – Purpose and Control


Having a purpose/goal that is bigger than us can be just what we need to find the strength to go for it and get past what is holding us back.  My goal during my rehab was not simply to get my arm functional again but to play again as a starter.


Whether others let us down or not, taking control of our own destiny and making a commitment to ourselves to do all we can is empowering. Not relying on others and taking charge of turning things around is better than waiting and hoping someone else will do it for us.

This approach allowed me to get back playing 3 months earlier.   One year later, I was throwing again.   I played competitively for another 20 years.

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