Gen Z: Loyalty is Back

Posted by Tom Locke on November 10th, 2017 filed in Business, History, Life

For aging Baby Boomers like me, it is most refreshing to hear that loyalty is returning to the workforce.

According to the folks at n-gen (, members of Gen Z (those born between 1996 and 2012) are now graduating and entering the workforce.   Per n-gen:

The good news for organizations, HR, and leaders is that Gen Z cares about loyalty.

This is a big shift which will have a profound impact on recruitment and retention efforts. The data suggests that Gen Zs want to work for an employer for the long term. They want work that is secure, and they don’t believe they need to work for several different companies to be successful.

This generation is pragmatic and realistic about what they need to do to get ahead. They grew up during the last recession and witnessed the impact of the housing crisis, the demise of long-standing institutions, and the collapse of economies. For this reason, many members of this cohort crave stability and are willing to do what it takes to receive it.


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