Be Careful What You Ask For

Posted by Tom Locke on July 4th, 2019 filed in Business, Humour, Life, Music

A colleague of mine was over at my place the other day and noticed I had a jukebox.

We played a few tunes and then he shared with me that he was a big fan of a Canadian rock band from the late 70’s and had connected with the former lead guitarist via social media.

My colleague’s wish was for the band to get back together again and through correspondence and the building of trust with the former lead guitarist, he persuaded this band member to confidently reach out to the other former members to see if they would be interested in getting back together.

Lo’ and behold it happened.   The band reunited, practiced for 9 months and subsequently played to a sold out crowd and a standing ovation.

The response to the band has been nothing short of fantastic since.   And the band has now persuaded my colleague to be their manager!

All of a sudden his wish/dream has become somewhat of a nightmare and he feels a little overwhelmed in trying to learn what a manager does, offer guidance/direction and balancing this new found, non-paying initiative with his full time job and his family.

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