A Healthy Outlook

Posted by Tom Locke on October 6th, 2019 filed in Business, General, Life

At a recent film conference in Dublin, Ireland, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by motivational speaker, Georgie Crawford.

A cancer survivor, she shared her life changing story with us.

She readily agrees that life isn’t fair.   However, she is quick to point out that self pity is a dead end road and is a proponent of Tony Robbins’ axiom that “Life happens for you”.

In her dissertation, she pointed out how she, like many of us, was totally career-oriented, taking her health for granted and falling into the trap of letting stress run her life.   Needless to say this caught up with  her.

On her road to recovery, she did three things:

  • Made a commitment to developing and maintaining healthy habits
  • Adopted a daily exercise routine
  • Focused on becoming aware of herself and her surroundings

She soon  took to heart what Gerry Hussey, a performance psychology consultant, preaches:

“If we don’t make time for our health one day, we will be forced to make time for our illness.”

After her recovery from cancer, Georgie Crawford left her hectic journalist career position and started podcasting.   To hear her, check out her Good Glow Podcast – she has quite a following.


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