Bill Gates’ Secret

Posted by Tom Locke on March 19th, 2020 filed in Business, Education, History, Life

I just finished reading Alex Banayan’s book “The Third Door”, a story about his mission to interview some of the most success people in the world to get some insight on what got them to where they are today. The fascinating part of the book is the journey he took to get these interviews.

In Banayan’s meeting with Bill Gates, Gates emphasized building genuine, trusting relationships. According to Bill, if you are an unknown entrepreneur and the person you are dealing with doesn’t know you, why would he or she even do business with you? On the other hand, if you have built a relationship with them, to the point they have become a mentor or friend, you just might not have to negotiate.

This book should be on the short list for people entering the marketplace ” especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit.  

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